Our Partners

Fumman partners with leading companies that share the same vision and passion and deliver outstanding customer service and results.


Basf is a world leading chemical company which create chemistry for a sustainable future.


Christeyns provides high-quality, safe and eco-friendly hygiene solutions combined with an excellent service.


SpaceVac is the world’s leading manufacturer of high level vacuum cleaning and inspection systems. SpaceVac became the first system of its kind to be certified as safe to use in ATEX explosive & nbsp; atmospheres.


BWT is an Austrian manufacturing company of water treatment systems that ensures the highest level of safety, hygiene and health in our daily contact with water, the elixir of life.


Hydrachem are world leading manufacturers of effervescent chlorine (NaDCC) tablets used in a variety of sectors including Oasis water purification tablets etc.


Dosatron Produces and distributes non- electric proportional water powered pumps.


Accepta is a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of specialty water treatment chemicals, dosage and control equipment, test kits and laboratory services.


CPH Deutschland Chemie is a leader in sustainable industrial adhesives, guaranteeing state-of-the-art technologies and top-quality, certified products tailored to your needs.


Innospec is known world-wide as the manufacturer and marketer of Boiler water treatment, cooling system treatment in breweries, food and beverages industries, pharmaceuticals, textile industries, packaging industries etc.


SNF specializes in water chemistry, offering over 1,000 water-soluble polymers to address resource scarcity.
SNF focus on water treatment, recycling, and industrial efficiency, with functionalities like flocculation and friction reduction.

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