We have been delivering top class solutions to Institutional problems for over four decades.

The Fullclean products are a range of multipurpose cleaning solutions that are designed to effectively clean and disinfect various surfaces and materials.

These cleaning solutions are versatile and can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications in both residential and commercial settings. Some of our hygiene solutions under the Fullclean brand are;

Fullclean Liquid laundry detergent with Optical Brightener

Fullclean Liquid laundry detergent with Optical Brightener is a liquid detergent that removes soil, stains, grime and increase the whiteness and brightness of white fabrics.

It is designed for white linen and heavy loads coupled with grease and oil solubilizing agents.

Fullclean Fabric Emulsifier

Fabric Emulsifier is specially designed to neutralize the alkaline residues of detergents, water hardness minerals, or iron in the rinse cycle of laundry programs.

It prevents fabric harshness, excess wear and browning during ironing.

Fullclean Oxy Bleach

Fullcean Oxy Bleach is a highly effective hydrogen peroxide-based product that is an excellent alternative where the use of chlorine is undesirable .

It is non chlorinated, completely soluble and convenient to use.

Fullclean Toilet bowl cleaner

Fullclean Toilet Bowl Cleaner is specially designed for cleaning toilet bowls and urinals.

It has a pleasant fragnance and starts to work in seconds. It also kills odor causing bacteria.

Fullclean Oven and grill cleaner

Fullclean Oven&grill cleaner removes hydrocarbon-based stains like fats, oil, greases, proteins, and sugar. It also preserves the cleaning surface’s intergrity.

Fullclean Multipurpose Surface Cleaner& Disinfectant

Fullclean Multipurpose Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant is formulated to provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning and disinfection solution for all hard surfaces. Removes stubborn stains, disinfects, gentle on surfaces.

Fullclean Solvent-Based Degreaser (Technical Grade)

Fumman Chemicals produces solvent base (technical grade) degreaser that is designed for heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications.

This type of degreaser is used to remove grease, oil, and other contaminants from machinery, equipment, and surfaces in manufacturing and industrial facilities.

These degreasers are manufactured in compliance with international quality and safety standards to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and safety and are safe for use in industrial facilities.

Fullclean Degeaser-S is a hydrocarbon-based, heavy-duty degreaser in a liquid form used for industrial cleaning applications. It is an heavy-duty degreaser with good wetting and cleaning properties.

Water-Based Degreaser (Food Grade)

At Fumman Chemicals, our water base degrader (Food grade) is specially formulated for use in the food processing industry.

This type of degreaser is designed to clean and degrease food processing equipment, machinery, and surfaces that come into contact with food products.

The degreaser is made from safe and non-toxic ingredients that are approved by regulatory bodies such as the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in Nigeria.

The degreaser is also free from harsh chemicals such as caustic soda, making it safe for use on food contact surfaces.

Fullclean Degreaser is a clear water-based degreaser with medium level of alkalinity which its suitable as a medium-duty degreaser for industrial cleaning applications. It cleans concrete floor soiled with grease and oil.

Fullclean urinal screen

Experience the continuous and potent freshening of urinals with a unique formula.

Our product boasts an aroma concentration up to 10 times greater than conventional vinyl aroma screens. Infused with the renowned Metazene odor-neutralizing additive.
It ensures a premium fragrance release for up to 60 days, guaranteeing exceptional performance and has a translucent design that allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow.
Urinal screen colours and fragrances are

Fullclean dishwashing liquid detergent

Fullclean dishwashing liquid detergent is a viscous liquid for use in manual dish wash, having high strength for eliminating food deposits and grease for cooking utensils.

It is formulated to lather freely in hard or soft water.

Fullclean Antibacterial Floor Cleaner ( Citrus & Blue force fragnances)

Fullclean Antibacterial Floor Cleaner is a water- based cleaner made with biodegrading, plant-based materials that are eco-friendly.

It is a speed product for day-to-day cleaning of all washable floors indoors and out. It is gentle on surfaces but effective against dirt.

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