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HYDRACHEM Hydrachem tablets are used in a variety of sectors including water purification(NaDCC), baby bottle sterilisation, surface disinfection (hospital-grade), food preparation and agriculture. Read More


Spacevac The fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to clean inaccessible high-level areas from the safety of the ground. Read More

Industrial Hygiene

Institutional Hygiene We provide solution-driven and competitive innovations for various applications, including dishwashing, fabric care, hard surface cleaning, degreasing, urinal screens and other specialized needs. Read More


Adhesives We offer confidence in sealing your packaging needs through our premium packaging adhesives, ensuring effective product protection.  Additionally, we provide top-notch label adhesive solutions to ensure secure and mess-free labelling. Read More

Institutional Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene We provide a range of chemical solutions and services including, process vessel deep cleaning, process line cleaning, cleaning-in-place, cleaning out of place/ open plant cleaning. Read More

Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment (end-to-end) We are engaged in end-to-end water treatment i.e potable water, industrial water, effluent, projects, chemical applications, spares and services. Read More

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