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Food & Beverage

Our comprehensive line of products assures we can provide correct cleaning and sanitation solutions for food contact surfaces and surroundings to improve food quality and safety. Our detergents and sanitizers are globally certified for use in food and beverage environments like breweries, dairies, poultries, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, and food processing

Application Areas

CIP (Cleaning in Place) and disinfectant Chemicals


Fermentation tanks, bright beer tanks and storage tanks

Water treatment chemicals


Boilers, cooling systems, heat exchangers, process water and effluent treatment chemicals

Descalants and Passivation Chemicals


Boilers, cooling systems and heat exchanger treatment chemicals

Wet and Dry Conveyor Lubricants


Metal and Plastic Conveyors

Foam Cleaning Chemicals


Acid Foam and Alkaline Base

Bottle Washing Additives


Anti-foaming, Chelating Agent

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