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Our own way of giving back to the environment around us via different platforms just to build a better society.

Key Focus Areas

As a socially responsible organization, we tend to improve our society in any way possible. We consider a lot of factors ranging from human livelihood to the earth in general.


We make it a priority to safeguard the future of our planet.


It is paramount that we follow up researches to make our products better.


We help shape the livelihood of the people by comissioning domestic projects.

Programme Sponsorship/Awards

In the chemical sector of the economy, we are a company to reckon with in the areas of uplifting the chemistry profession. These contributions have won us numerous awards from professional bodies such as:

  • The Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN) and the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
  • Commendation award by Nigerian young academy (NYA).
  • Commendation award by Periodontologists association of Nigeria (PAN)
  • Award of sponsorship of 13th Unilag annual research conference and fair
  • CSR award by the Association of Ghana Industry (AGI)

Health & Safety Policy

Fumman is firmly committed to zero accidents, enabling all work activities to be carried out safely with all possible measures to remove risk to health, safety and welfare to all our employees, contractors, authorized visitors and anyone who may be affected by our operations.

"If it's not safe, don’t do it."
- Fumman Chemicals