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Fumman Careers

We are interested in building a sustainable and highly rewarding career in a dynamic company.

Fumman provides cleaning and disinfection expertise mainly in the areas of scaling, corrosion and biological fouling in boilers, cooling towers, condensers, fermenting and BBT tanks. We also offer other products and services such as fuel oil treatment, chain lubrication and descaling.

Work Ethic is Key

A world where anyone can belong anywhere starts with a workplace where you feel welcome and can contribute your best work. Fumman welcomes everyone irrespective of backgoround or ethnicity.


We are of the opinion that the greatest assets to any organization are the people representing the company. Hence we are doing everything possible to ensure our employee are comfortable.

  • Competitive salary
  • Office and on site work experience.
  • State of the art infrastructure

Experience might be needed for the roles but potential is nothing to put aside. Hence at Fumman we welcome both young and old as far as you're bringing value to the table.